The Kroak Megapedal by VFE Pedals

This brightly-coloured box of technological tricks is the Kroak Megapedal by VFE Pedals. It is a one-off custom shop design based on my specifications (specified from those made available by VFE) that includes eighteen all-analogue guitar effects with foot switches. The comic characters featured on the pedal are all my own creations, and the sound is truly sublime... Stomp boxes don’t get much more bespoke than this, so I’m extremely grateful to VFE for all their hard work and their meticulous attention to detail.

The Effects

The Megapedal has 18 separate analogue effects, each of which can be turned on or off using the associated footswitch. The effects are hardwired in sequence internally, but there is also a patchbay on the rear of the unit, which allows the reordering of effects if necessary. The patchbay also provides plenty of options for using the Megapedal with other instruments in the studio. Below, the effects are ordered as they are on the pedal, and the relevant VFE pedal name is shown in brackets.

1. Germanium and silicon twin Fuzz (Fuzz Duo)
2. Auto Wah, circuit based on the Mutron III (Mini Mu)
3. Saturated Fuzz (Fiery Red Horse)
4. Optical Compressor - (White Horse)
5. Octave Fuzz (Fuzz Cocktail)
6. Swell and Auto Volume (Bumble Bee)
7. Dynamic Overdrive (Pale Horse)
8. Classic Overdrive, modified TS909 circuit (The Scream)
9. Low gain Overdrive (Blues King)
10. 3-band Distortion (Triumvirate)
11. Vintage Distortion (Alpha Dog)
12. Hard-edge Distortion (Dark Horse)
13. Parametric EQ, Boost and Buffer (Rocket EQ)
14. JFET 2/3/4-stage Phaser (Enterprise)
15. Vintage Tremolo (Old School)
16. Chorus/Vibrato/Flanger (Choral Reef)
17. Dual Delay (Mobius Strip)
18. Analgoue Delay (Blueprint)



In the demo below, I recorded my Parker Fly Singlecut guitar through the Megapedal and into the front end of my Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 tube amp set on the clean channel. I then captured the sound of the amp (and it was really cooking in the amp’s more manageable 5 watt mode) using an SE Electronics R1 ribbon microphone. Performances were recorded, edited and mastered in Cubase 7.


The following audio track was recorded through the Megapedal as before, but this time I used a software amp simulator (a Marshall Plexi model in NI Guitar Rig) rather than a physical guitar amplifier. The effects used here were compression, hard-edged distortion and delay.

And, more examples using a software amp sim rather than a real amp.

The Artwork

All the comic characters were hand-drawn using black ink - the same method I use for pretty much all my artwork. These monochrome images were then scanned into the computer where they were coloured and assembled with all the other elements of the Megapedal graphic.

When I was happy with the image and layout, I sent the graphics files to VFE. They then transferred the image to the Megapedal enclosure using a state-of-the-art UV printer. The result is absolutely stunning... the photographs on this page really don’t do it justice!

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